Registering and Logging In

To play a predictions game, you must be logged in. New users can create an account by completing the short registration form, and existing users can log in by entering their email address and password.

Inserting Your Predictions

Once you are logged in, select the prediction league you wish to play in from the Prediction League List and enter your predictions the fixtures page. Your predictions will be saved automatically, and will flash green when they have been successfully stored.

You can enter or update your predictions any time up to kick-off. We do however recommend that you enter predictions for all available matches, as matches with no prediction automatically score 0 points. The predictions you enter are not final, and can be changed anytime up until kick-off.

Points Scoring

The points scored for each prediction is calculated based on how close a prediction is to each team's score and the margin, with a bonus for predicting the correct outcome. So as you would expect, the closer a prediction is to the result, the more points scored, with perfect predictions receiving the maximum points.

For knock-out tournaments such as the the FIFA World Cup, matches in the knock-out stages are weighted more than group stage matches:

Round Weighting Max Pts
Group Stage 1 20
Last 16 2 40
QF & 3rd Place 4 80
Semi Finals 6 120
Final 8 160

Match Results

Match results are usually updated within 15 to 30 minutes of the end of each match. Your prediction points scores are calculated automatically and can be reviewed on the Prediction League results page.

You can also view other players predictions on this page, but only after the match has kicked off.

You can check your overall progress for the Prediction League on the tables page. You do not need to log in to check the match results or prediction league tables.

Cup Matches - Extra Time And Penalty Kicks

If a cup match enters extra time, the result will be the score at the end of extra time, excluding the penalty shoot-out. This means that matches that go to extra-time can only finish as a draw of the match is decided on penalties.